Global Education Research Office

Yumiko Kato Yumiko Kato Research Manager

Ongoing globalization requires that we all become global citizens. The Global Education Research Office clarifies important issues of English education in Japan through research surveys of children, teachers and parents on English education and provides a framework for English education from infants to adults and opportunities for discussion of related issues. Building on knowledge obtained by our research, we will continue to survey and study education for global citizens.

Research Themes

  • ・Grand design of English-language education in Japan from infants to adults
  • ・English education in primary, lower and upper secondary schools
  • ・Cultivating generic competencies through English education

Survey on English Instruction in Japanese Lower and Upper Secondary Schools (2015)

Surveyed English-language instruction and the awareness of Japanese lower and upper secondary school English teachers in all areas of Japan. Clarified related issues of English education in schools.