Child Sciences and Parenting Research Office

Junko Takaoka Junko Takaoka Research Manager

The Child Sciences and Parenting Research Office supports the first stage of Benesse's many business areas that span prenatal development to adulthood. Our primary mission is to produce knowledge and research that will inform and support families with infants in healthy child raising practices. Another important mission is to examine childcare and early childhood education in Japan and abroad to ensure that children get a good start on a lifetime of learning.

Research Themes


  • ・Children's "attitudes of learning to learn" (domestic/international)
  • ・Maternal life/children's life from infancy to preschool age, parents' (mothers' and fathers' ) views on child raising and current situation (domestic/international)
  • ・Digital media use by children
  • ・Awareness of prenatal/postnatal support for mothers and current situation

  • ECEC Facilities

  • ・Current situation of early childhood education and care (ECEC)
  • ・Quality of ECEC

Research on Home Education from Early Childhood to First Grade in Elementary School

Follow-up surveys of mothers on the life and learning of children and concerns and awareness of mothers, etc., during the four years from early childhood to the first grade of elementary school. Surveys on the relation between home education and attitude of learning to learn and cognitive skills in early childhood and elementary school (2012-2015).