Elementary and Secondary Education Research Office

Qinfeng Shao Qinfeng Shao Research Manager
Children are our future, but today when the social and educational environment is undergoing such dramatic changes, what qualities and abilities will they need to acquire to prepare them for the responsibilities that lie ahead? What type of family, school, teachers, and social environment foster growth and development in children? The Elementary and Secondary Education Research Office conducts research to answer these questions and then makes the findings available. In addition to longitudinal studies and international comparisons, our activities include conducting a parent-child panel survey in joint research with The Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo to examine the life and learning processes of children.

Research Themes

    Parents & Children

  • ・"Parent-Child Survey on Children's Life and Learning" in the Children's Life and Learning Research Project (parent-child panel survey), a joint research with The Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo.

  • Children

  • ・Academic ability, learning, and learning approaches
  • ・Daily activities and schedule
  • ・Theoretical and empirical research on learning strategies for proactive learning

  • Parents

  • ・Child raising, views of education, after-school instruction ・Parents' perception of school (public education)

  • Teachers

  • ・Teaching methods and working conditions

Basic Survey on Study in Japan V

This survey was conducted of approximately 9,800 students in the fifth grade of elementary, second grade in junior high, and second grade in senior high school from all over Japan in June and July 2015. It studied the attitudes and actual conditions of learning among elementary, junior high and senior high school students to understand changes over the 25-year period since 1990 and clarify learning-related issues today.